Training Camp Video and Training Program

TCVideoIcon.pngIn this 45-minute, 11 module video training program (accessible via DVD or Online) Jon Gordon will coach you on each of the eleven traits and habits of success from by book Training Camp. All the details are below as well as a sample video from one of the session modules.

Be Your Best! Help your Team be their Best!

Whether you play sports or the piano, work with numbers or a scalpel, these lessons apply to everyone who must climb the mountain before reaching its peak.

The program kit includes:

  • A 45-minute, 11 module video training in which Jon Gordon personally coaches you on each of the eleven traits and habits of success from Training Camp.
  • 2 participant workbooks (playbooks) featuring key points and questions designed to empower each person to incorporate Training Camp principles into their life, work and team. (Additional workbooks available separately)

How To Order

There are two purchase options:

1) Physical DVD Kit Mailed to You - Order Now ($197)
(Includes DVD, 2 printed Playbooks, USPS shipping, and Online Access as Well)

2) Online Access - Order Now ($97)
(Includes Online Access Only and a Digital Workbook)

To purchase copies of the actual book, Training Camp, which this training is based on - click here.

Discover what the Best do Better than Everyone Else

Based on his work with numerous professional and college sports teams, world-class organizations, educators, and interviews with elite performers in a wide variety of fields, Jon Gordon has found that the best of the best all share the same eleven traits and habits that cause them to excel in their work and life.

There is a Formula for Success. There is a Pattern of Greatness.

"There is a formula for success. There is a pattern of greatness. There are habits that the best do that others don't and things that the best do better than everyone else. There is a way that the best of the best approach their life and work and craft that differentiates themselves from others. This formula is predictable, repeatable and a process anyone can follow...especially YOU." – Jon Gordon

What the Best say about Training Camp

"Training Camp was a game changer for my team and for me personally. Ever since we read it and started applying the principles in 2011 we’ve won at least 10 games each season. Anybody who is serious about being their BEST should read it. Jon Gordon has given us the blueprint to be the BEST. The first step is to read this book."

- Dabo Swinney, Head Coach, Clemson University Football Team

"Jon Gordon's book Training Camp inspired me to push through obstacles, sacrifice things for the better and cherish relationships. Also taught me to value each day and opportunity."

-Damian Lillard, NBA Rookie of the Year

"Having spent my life studying the best, I have found that great individuals need great coaches. Training Camp is not only about the student but the mentor. Jon has woven a compelling story of two individuals together, traveling life's journey, striving for excellence, and leaving a legacy in the process. I found myself cheering the main characters on from the sidelines. Thank you, Jon, for leaving a legacy with the profound lessons found in this book and program."

-Kimberly K. Rath, President, Talent Plus

Every athlete should read this. It reminds you how to think through tough times, not only with football but core values in life. It truly helps me. I just open it up anytime I’m over thinking and football practice was crazy that day.

-Sammy Watkins, Wide Receiver for the Buffalo Bills

"Inspiration on every page. I picked this book up and couldn't put it back down. It will help you become the best you can be."

- Mark Batterson, Author of Chase the Lion

Who can Benefit from this Program?

Anyone who wants to be there best! From young athletes, sales people and managers who want to improve the way they coach their employees to teenagers, college and professional athletes, office workers and artists these videos and lessons can help everyone take their performance to the next level.

Great for Families Too!

The 11 videos are also great for parents to watch with their children so they can reinforce the messages to help them be their best.


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