How to Create an All-In Team - Video Training Program

leadership-allin300b_000.jpgAll-In teams are powerful teams. They outperform disjointed and disengaged teams. They work together more effectively. They stay positive and committed through challenges. They come together with a shared vision, purpose and direction. As a result they thrive and achieve their vision and goals.

But All-In teams don’t happen by accident. They are built and developed by leaders who focus on building a united, positive, and connected team.

In this informative and engaging 21-minute video, Jon Gordon will share simple, powerful steps that you and your team can take to become an All-In Team.

This All-In Team Video also includes a downloadable Fill In the Blanks Guide and Discussion Questions with Action Steps, the perfect combination to help you and your team apply the lessons learned throughout the video.

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This is a great video of one of Jon's speeches that you can use for your next team meeting!

Here's what you get with your video purchase:

  • Instant online, on-demand, access to the complete video. Running time is approximately 21 minutes.
  • 1-year of unlimited access to the video and rights to share it with your team.
  • Downloadable Fill In The Blanks Guide and Discussions Questions with Action Steps (PDF documents) that can be shared with team members.

You can watch a short 4-minute clip from the video here.

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