You Win in the Locker Room First Video and Training Program

Featuring Jon Gordon and NFL Coach Mike Smith

LockerRoom_mockup_booklet300.png"You Win in the Locker Room First" Video and Training Program is based on the principles from our bestselling book, You Win in the Locker Room First.

In this 7 module video training (accessible via DVD or Online) I, along with NFL Coach Mike Smith, share proven principles, strategies and lessons to build a winning team and enhance performance. Each module is between 10 and 20 minutes long and covers the 7 C's to build a winning team in business, sports, and life.

A comprehensive companion guide workbook is also included.

Beneficial for Teams of All Types!

This is a great team building program to do with your team over the summer or any time. Whether you are a sports team, business team, school team or leadership team you will benefit from the 7 C's.

The program kit includes:

  • A 7 module video training with Jon Gordon and NFL Coach Mike Smith.
  • Participant workbook featuring key points and questions designed to empower each person to incorporate these success strategies into their life, work and team. (Additional workbooks available separately).


There are two purchase options:

1) Physical DVD Kit Mailed to You - Order Now ($297)
(Includes DVD, 2 printed Playbooks, USPS shipping, and Online Access as Well)

2) Online Access - Order Now ($197)
(Includes Online Access Only and a Digital Workbook)

To purchase copies of the actual book, You Win in the Locker Room First, which this training is based on - click here.


What others are saying about You Win in the Locker Room First

"This book is a must read for anyone who wants to build a great culture and winning team!"
- Brian Billick, Super Bowl XXXV winning coach of the Baltimore Ravens

"Long before you take the court, you start your path of winning through your locker room. Jon and Mike have captured the essence of winning by utilizing the 7 C's to build your team. This is a must read if you are serious about building a championship team."
- Doc Rivers, Head Coach, LA Clipper


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