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The Power of Positive Leadership

Build a great culture, lead with optimism , develop a connected and committed team and achieve superior results.

We are not positive because life is easy. We are positive because life can be hard.

As a leader, you will face numerous obstacles, negativity, and tests. There will be times when it seems as if everything in the world is conspiring against you.That’s why positive leadership is essential! Positive leadership is not about fake positivity. It’s what makes great leaders great. The research is clear. Being a positive leader is not just a nice way to lead. It's the way to lead if you want to build a great culture, unite your organization in the face of change and adversity, develop a connected and committed team and achieve superior results.  The Power of Positive Leadership training is an interactive program facilitated by a certified Jon Gordon Companies trainer that gives leaders and aspiring leaders the necessary tools to:

  • Build a strong and positive culture
  • Create clarity with a shared vision and generate results with zoom focused actions
  • Become a more positive leader to enhance individual and team performance
  • Confront, transform and remove negativity
  • Communicate and connect more effectively to improve relationships, increase engagement, and drive positive change
  • Build a cohesive team that is committed to the leader and each other
  • Pursue excellence by being demanding without being demeaning
  • Hold people accountable without them becoming rebellious or resentful.

Great leaders understand that to succeed, you succeed with people - and this training shows you how.

It all begins with your decision to become a positive leader, and the understanding that leadership is not just about what you can do, but what you can inspire, encourage, and empower others to do.
You'll learn the skills to enhance your leadership capability and leave with a practical action plan to bring out the best in yourself and your team. You’ll discover the key traits of the greatest leaders throughout history and incorporate these traits into your own leadership style. In the process you’ll discover that being a positive leader not only makes you better - It makes everyone around you better.

Talent Development Checklist for The Power of Positive Leadership Training:

  • Positive Leadership
  • Positive Communication
  • Culture Building
  • Team Building
  • Vision Clarity
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Optimism and Cultivating Positive Beliefs
  • Creating Unified and Connected Teams
  • Empathetic Interaction
  • Addressing Challenges and leading Effective Conflict Resolution

To learn more, contact Julie Nee, VP of Training at or call 904-285-6842.

What Others Are Saying...

"A thorough and comprehensive guide on positive leadership that will help anyone become a better leader!" - George Raveling, Nike’s Director of Global Basketball Sports Marketing and Hall of Fame Basketball Coach

"Thank you for presenting to Delta’s Law and Government Affairs Team on The Power of Positive Leadership. Your material was informative, timely, very engaging and well received. Well done!" - Laura Dieudonne, Delta Airlines Law & Government Affairs

"Jon Gordon has helped leaders around the world take their game to new heights. In The Power of Positive Leadership, he pulls back the curtain for all to see how to do the same. Read this book; put Jon’s principles into practice and enjoy the results!" - Mark Miller, Best-selling author of Chess Not Checkers and The Heart of Leadership / Vice President, High Performance Leadership, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

"Just wanted to drop you a note to again thank you for the time during our Leadership Lab offsite in Des Moines last month. The time with you was amazing and the true highlight of the time I spent in the Lab." - Amanda Burns, Wells Fargo Home Lending

For more information contact Julie Nee, VP of Training, at or call 904-285-6842.