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What can a little 3 month old puppy teach me about the keys to happiness and success? Everything!

I remember two years ago when I was about to take our new puppy Dharma for a walk I stood outside the door with a leash in one hand and a plastic bag in the other and I thought to myself, “Great, I’m going to be picking up dog poop every day for about the next 13 years.” I even did the math and counted 3 poops a day times 365 days times 13 years. Then I realized how negative that was and knew I needed to change my thinking. So I then thought, “But think of all the joy she brings and will bring to my children, my wife, and me. The love and joy is clearly worth all that POOP.” Immediately after thinking this positive thought I started to feel pepped while the negative thoughts made me feel bad. So the lesson I learned and want to share with you is don’t let poop... get you pooped. :) Instead change your thinking, shift your perception and get pepped!

Every moment of every day we have a choice to think positive thoughts that make us feel good or negative thoughts that make us feel bad. Positive thoughts strengthen us while negative thoughts weaken us. There’s even scientific evidence that shows that you are physically stronger while thinking positive thoughts versus negative thoughts. We also know that positive thoughts enhance health, happiness and longevity. When we start paying attention to how we feel in response to our thoughts we’ll notice that our emotions are signals that alert us to how we are thinking. Good thoughts lead to good feelings and negative thoughts lead to bad feelings.

The key is to start paying attention to your feelings and thoughts and when you are feeling bad, switch to a thought that feels good. And if you are unsure of as to what positive thoughts you should be thinking, all you have to remember is gratitude and appreciation. Being grateful and appreciative will always make you feel pepped. You may not like your job but you can be thankful you have one. You may have to drive in traffic but thank God you can see while others can’t. And while your life may not be where you want it to be you can choose to believe that the future is bright and great things are happening every day. Your thoughts and perception will determine your reality. Try the following action steps this week to be pepped instead of pooped.

Action Steps

1. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side make a list of your common negative thoughts.

2. Now, change your perception and replace your negative thought with a positive thought. Write these down on the right side of the paper.

3. This week pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and choose the thoughts that make you feel pepped instead of pooped.

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